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07: Season Premiere

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September 1993: What does it mean to be a community? It means working together.
07: Season Premiere A Manifesto for Bad Subjects
The Bad Subjects Production Team
What unites us are our shared interests in leftist-socialist politics and the study of popular culture and everyday life.
07: Season Premiere Aesthetic Perspectives of the Christian Right
John Brady
Art and Politics. These two concepts have provided much grist for the theory mills of leftist intellectuals throughout the 20th century.
07: Season Premiere Dealing With Japan
Joe Sartelle
For leftists in particular, there are compelling reasons for learning from Japan.
07: Season Premiere Gender Slumming
Annalee Newitz
Transgenderists, like other minority groups, are divided on the question of whether their culture is 'natural' or deeply bound up with social and historical factors.
07: Season Premiere Representing America
Ron Alcalay
I'm tired of the cynical view that we can't make a difference, that we're all just hibernating in front of our 841 little golden lights onscreen.
07: Season Premiere The Critique from Within
Charlie Bertsch
What does it mean to be a community? It means working together. It also means being willing to acknowledge that members of the community have differences of opinion.
07: Season Premiere Three Deaths in Vancouver
Stephen Arod Shirreffs
To survive, I have to learn to live with a permanent foregrounded sorrow. I prefer to wrap that sorrow in exotic cloth.