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36: Conservatism

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Conservatism, February 1998
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36: Conservatism Anti-Disconservatism
John Brady, Joel Schalit
Given the strength of conservatism as a hegemonic ideology and powerful social movement, we felt the need to confront it directly and explore its significance for contemporary leftist politics.
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36: Conservatism Voices of the Collective: Left Conservatism
A specter is haunting U.S. intellectual life: the specter of Left Conservatism....
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36: Conservatism The Branch Davidian Tragedy, or Why Everyone Should Read Soldier of Fortune
Megan Shaw
The Branch Davidian tragedy has been adopted as a political cause chiefly by the civil libertarian Right, despite being an event with many attributes that could allow it to be championed by any number of different groups, not the least of which is the general public.
36: Conservatism Aryan to Anti-Racist: Political Sympathies and Elizabeth Thompson's Blink
Annalee Newitz
Perhaps, when Blink and other productions like it begin to get made and seen, progressives will start thinking critically about their own forms of self-policing.
36: Conservatism Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- Legal Ways to get High at Work -- a cartoon
36: Conservatism Attack of the SupposiTories: Neo-Conservatism in Ontario
Peter Ives
Six years ago, just having moved from Portland, Oregon to Toronto, I was asked by my landlord, "Why would you possibly want to move from the US to Canada? I would give anything to live in the States. Name one thing that is cheaper here than in the US."
36: Conservatism Spanking the Marine: Jürgen Habermas, Herbert Marcuse and the Resources of Solidarity and Resistance
John Brady
In the face of this gloomy political climate, what might be done by 'intellectuals' to augment the concrete struggles for change that do still take place?
36: Conservatism You Can Never be Too Rich or Too Thin
Jason Myers
We can recognize the outlines of the privation state even now. It will be a society of prisons rather than universities; of endless waits in the emergency room foyer instead of regular trips to the clinic. It will be a society infinitely rich and painfully thin.
36: Conservatism Right as Reign
Joel Schalit
Time and time again we bemoan the victories which conservatives continually make in advancing their cause. The cultural and economic logic of contemporary conservatism appears like an unstoppable force which demolishes everything in its path.
36: Conservatism I Was a Teen-Age Reactionary
Doug Henwood
I have an embarrassing confession to make: in 1972, I cast my first ever presidential votes - primary and general - against Richard Nixon, because he wasn't conservative enough.
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