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Menaced by El Norte: Fighters Against US Imperialism

Instructive collages by Aaron Smith and Devin Razavi-Shearer, and posters by Armando Somoza.

This collage by Smith and Razavi shows numerous leaders either deposed or menaced by the United States.

Collage of Latin American leaders

Artist Armando Somoza commemorates Salvador Allende of Chile, and Augusto Sandino of Nicaragua.

Allende of Chile and Sandino of Nicaragua

Smith shows the effects of reckless interventions, the deposed and the subsequent dictators.
Aaron Smith collage

Aaron Smith is an Ethnic Studies student at the University of Colorado Boulder and a Digital Media activist

Devin Razavi-Shearer is an Ethnic Studies student at the University of Colorado, Boulder and anti-capitalist activist.

Armando Somoza is youth rights advocate and digital media artist completing his MFA at Denver University in Electronic Arts.