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Arizona Inspired Artwork

Three works that comment on what's going on.

by Jake Prendez

The Kill Bill 1070 poster was in response to Arizona’s anti-immigrant SB1070 which was passed by Arizona voters in 2010. The satirical poster is a spin on the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill movie poster. The idea was to have an image of a Chicana with the text 1070 added to the Kill Bill logo, so instead of Killing “Bill” a person it is alluding to Kill the State “Bill” 1070 . I used my wife Esbeydy Cruz de Prendez as the Chicana photoshopped in the poster. The poster also states Boycott Arizona in reference to the boycott called by Congressman Raul M. Grijalva. I also added the tag line “Being Brown is Not a Crime” A mantra I personally coined and have used in several posters.

The “First They Came…” poster was a satirical spin on an old Nazi propaganda poster. The poster was also a collaboration piece with Lalo Alcaraz and myself. The original poster depicts a soldier holding a Nazi flag. I changed the Nazi flag to an Arizona state flag. I also added updated interpretation of the famous statement by Pastor Martin Niemöller in reference to the holocaust but reinterpreted by Lalo Alcaraz to refer to the oppression of immigrants in the US and especially Arizona. I usually don’t like to use Nazi references because the not many people can really live up to the Nazi’s but I used this Nazi reference more as a reference to propaganda and brain washing and that the state of Arizona has really become a police state. Many people uneducated on the issue of immigration and the plight of immigrants and been force fed anti-immigrant propaganda by political pundits and politicians in order divert attention to issues that are really hurting our country and our economy. At the bottom I posted again my slogan “Being Brown is Not a Crime”.

The Arizona Keepin’ it Real…Racist” poster was my first Arizona protest poster after the passing of SB1070 in Arizona. It is another satirical look at the racism that I feel was driving Arizona’s legislation. The poster depicts a hooded Ku Klux Klan member in a classic hip hop pose with gold chain with the word Arizona at the top and the slogan “Keepin’ in Real…Racist” which is a play on the slang term Keepin’ it Real. The background is in the silhouette of the state of Arizona with an old photo of a large group of Mexican-American children to show Mexican historical roots in the United States. At the bottom of the poster are the tag lines “stop SB1070” and my slogan “Being Brown is Not a Crime”. The poster was created using photoshop.

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