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Protest at the Michigan State Capitol

Protesters at the Wisconsin state capitol have gotten deserved notice, and inspire many people of conscience around the US, but things are heating up in other mid-western states with Republican Governors. The new emergency powers of Michigan's Rick Snyder worries Rachel Maddow. The AFL-CIO called a rally in Lansing in March, 2011 to protest those, as well as Snyder's budget that cuts corporate taxes while instituting new taxes on pensions. Eric Cabrera attended, and sent Bad Subjects this report.

by Eric Cabrera

I went to the rally on March 14th and 15th with a friend. We arrived when they needed us the most, after the masses had left. We met four dedicated activists who vowed to spend the night on the capitol steps, so we kicked it with them.

The collective energy of our group reached out to the public, and I still feel that energy.

Some people responded by offering their bathrooms to use throughout the night. A local activist provided her drums for us to play. The suits avoided us when we asked, “Sir, what is your role here?”

Wednesday's rally was a demonstration of commitment, a commitment to take the protest to the next level: human beings committed to stay in the capitol until arrested.

The committed supporters outside collected bail. They blocked cop cars with garbage dumps, and eventually with themselves.

Anything to stop their friends from being arrested, by those who maintain a system where we are only "free to follow the rules.”

Eric Cabrera is owner-operator of 1 Brick at a Time in Bay City, Michigan. More photos of the Michigan rally are available on its page on Facebook.

Photos © Eric Cabrera 2011