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I Thought We Were Watching a Game Show When...

Short span comment on the Dec. 15th Republican Debate.

Molly Hankwitz

Each Republican candidate has a slightly different gimmick. Ben Carson has separated Siamese twins, operated on *fetuses in the womb* and despite being a powerful black American doctor is profoundly neutral on matters of race. The pastor's son reads Scripture everyday and claims to have saved thousands of *unborn lives.* The Cuban immigrants' son really understands the value of a dollar and what toil and hard work mean while Trump talks loud and clear and empirically about how he has run successful corporations, how he's never gone bankrupt, and how we "need a wall to keep illegals out". The others preach about what they each did individually to cut costs, stop Obamacare, so on and so forth. Jeb Bush isn't going to win with dynasty politics because it's not what he stands for. He's going to toil and grub from the bottom up to get where his brother got, but not on their name. The debate comes off as some kind of decentralized performance artwork of right-wing perversity. We are going to be living in puritanical austerity suffering without if any of these people get elected!!!

God and country. A Bill of Rights given to fetuses, because all US citizens "even if they can't speak" and "don't have a birth certificate" should have 4th and 14th amendment rights. Until, of course, you are a Mexican or a Syrian trying to cross the border. Then the fact that you can't speak or don't have a birth certificate becomes your biggest problem. You don't have papers. You are deemed an "illegal" and then you are suspected, denied, abused, tortured maybe; marked in the record, someone to be watched. "That's why we need e-Verify!" they all shrieked. Sure, I'll bet another digital surveillance tool is really good for stocks.

Well, another Republican debate is over. Who is the scariest? Trump's off beat directness towers over the rest. They have neither his flamboyant character nor a shiny track record with Big Profit. You can't imagine any of the others being President. They aren't large enough. And Hillary Clinton? Well, she sounds practically like an Emma Goldman among these people. She wants to FUND Planned Parenthood!

Molly Hankwitz Cox, Ph.D. is a Bad Subjects editor.