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The August 6th Republican Candidates' Debate

A physician can be very good at his trade and still be an A-1 dumb dummy.

Richard Von Busack

Cruz is such a twerp. And The Donald's fingers really are awfully short. Spy magazine was certainly right. Rand Paul looks like a vent dummy. Walker is a whiner.

Ben Carson is one of the biggest fruitbats this nation has ever produced. It's something anyone who works in a hospital can tell you: a physician can be very good at his trade and still be an A-1 dumb dummy. Fred Sanford should come out of the grave and castigate him as one.

Every one of these jerks came from poor hardworking stock and if they'd asked Jeb nicely, he would have described his senator granddad as a self-made man who never forgot what it was to be poor even if he had no personal knowledge of poverty. Jeb wears those little glasses so we won't notice how mean his eyes are, but then he starts talking and the cat's out of the bag.

You had to have Fox News to watch this atrocity. They privatized a national event.

The no-name Ohio governor might end up a dark horse, since they're having their fun convention next year in Cleveland. I hope Cleveland, known for its surprise weather even in summer, can give them something to remember while they're in there denying climate change. He was the only one who wasn't a clown.

How can he win if he won't claim that he gets his marching orders every day from Jesus? They had to put a gun to his head to get him to witness to his faith. I think there's dust on his Bible!

—August 7, 2015

Richard Von Busack is film critic for the Silicon Valley Metro in California. Graphic: detail of poster for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, mid-20th c.

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