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A Gallery of Mass Extinction Art

Broad renderings of epochal shifts, beliefs, events, and fears.

Curated by Thomas Powell

untitled (inferno)
"untitled (inferno)" by Linda Gelfman.
Linda Gelfman is a sculptor, photographer and Professor of Ceramic Arts at American River College.

Shelf Life by Scott Greene
"Shelf Life" by Scott Greene.
Scott Greene's paintings explore the rich terrain of dystopian Americana.
The view from behind the curtain is both disturbing and hilarious.
He is represented by Catherine Clark
untitled (fractal oil)
"untitled (fractal oil)" by Barbara Grothus.
Barbara Grothus is a sculptor and collector of images and recycled materials
enhanced by the patina of time.
She lives in New Mexico.

Slow Burn/Downturn #44
"Slow Burn/Downturn #44" by Melanie Mills.
Melanie Mills is an artist and counselor based in Savannah, GA.
Her work explores issues around environment, social justice, and culture.

"Man with Chainsaw" by Al Farrow.
Artist Al Farrow has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than thirty years.
His work adopts the imagery or material of particular historic periods to make
cogent observations about contemporary society.

Mumia by Sam Kerson

"Mumia" by Sam Kerson.
Sam Kerson knows his way around the globe from Chiapas to Vietnam.
His art can be enjoyed in various mediums: graphic art, pastels, and theatre.
His subject matter deals with injustice, struggle, racism,and the tyranny of technology.
Kerson is an admirer of Albert Pinkham Ryder the curmudgeon painter
who haunted NYC until 1917. Both are transfixed by their own images and work them again and again.

Infestment by Chris Nitsche
"Infestment" by Chris Nitsche.
Christopher Nitsche holds an MFA from the University of New Mexico.
He has created 65 solo and group exhibitions which recently include Underway at the 621 Gallery in Tallahassee, FL,
Red Indigo at the Indigo Sky Community Gallery in Savannah, GA, and Memory Ship at the Spartanburg Art Museum, SC.
Nitsche is Professor of Foundation Studies at the Savannah College of Art and

Exodus by Nagatani<

"Exodus" by Patrick Nagatani.
Patrick Nagatani is Professor Emeritus of Photography, University of New Mexico.
His constructed photographs are in many museum and private collections
in the United States and

Bridge Look Up by Noah Gelfman
"Bridge Look Up" by Noah Gelfman.

Noah Gelfman is a Chicago based photographer studying at DePaul University.
His work touches on all genres of photography with an emphasis on nighttime urban landscapes.
View his work on Instagram and Flickr with his handle @gnoahb

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