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Pink Bloque: A Photoessay (3)

The Pink Bloque is a Chicago-based radical feminist dance troupe dedicated to challenging the white supremacist capitalist patriarchal empire, one street dance party at a time.
Rachel Caidor, Dara Greenwald, and the Pink Bloque

Issue #65, January 2004

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Protesting the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue: November 8, 2002, Chicago

Pink Bloque - Protesting the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue: November 8, 2002

Fox News and other such media were making a big to-do about this meeting of international business and government leaders. They were touting it as if it was "The Next Seattle." The Chicago Police Department had pumped millions of dollars into training officers in quelling protests and they had even bought a mint's worth of surveillance equipment. It did not seem like a big deal until the media made it one. We decided to participate in the organized march — this was our first time being part of a larger protest. It was intimidating — and cold — to be out there with a boom box, pink sweat suits, and about one million riot cops who disagreed with us about our being "2 cute 2 be arrested." But we danced anyway, right in front of the cops and the other couple hundred protesters. Again, we were scared; and again we did it anyway. It was daunting to see what we were up against. Eight cute girls in pink sweat suits and ill-timed dance moves versus eight hundred police with who-knows-what-lethal-and-non-lethal weapons aimed at us. We were a splash of color in an otherwise militarized palette of oppression. But we were not alone; we were part ofsomething larger.

Copyright © 2004 by Rachel Caidor, Dara Greenwald, and the Pink Bloque. All rights reserved.

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