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Bad Issues

  I S S U E   8 5   N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 3

Is Kennedy Dead?

  • Mike Mosher: Bad Subjects #85: Is Kennedy Dead?
  • Rosalie G. Riegle: Talking Long into the Night: JFK meets Dorothy Day
  • Joseph Natoli: Habits of Mind and Time: From JFK to Now
  • Walter Alter: JFK's Legacy: The Awakening of Conspiracy, and the Inauguration of the Peaceful Science Driver
  • Mike Mosher: Motown Records, 1963, and the Heat Wave in Detroit
  • Molly Hankwitz Cox: Mapping First Lady Blues (and Pinks)
  • David Cox: Back And to the Future: The Eternal Return to Dealey Plaza
  • Nate Garrelts: Don't Shoot the Pretty Pink Hat: How to Play JFK: Reloaded on the Anniversary of his Assassination
  • Ron Henggeler: The State Funeral for Gay Rights Pioneer Jose Sarria, Empress I de San Francisco
  • Cary Loren: Notes on Destroy All Monsters’ Song “November 22nd, 1963”
  • Niagara: Another Witness: "November 22, 1963" by Niagara, DAM and Ron Asheton
  • Greg Gaar: The Dead Kennedys, 1981
  • Ben Rufisque and Olivia Nixon: Marilyn, John & John
  • Charlie Bertsch: Camelot

      I S S U E   8 4   J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 3


  • Tamara Watkins and Mike Mosher: Introduction: The Production, Consumption, and Meaning of Arts and Crafts
  • Emma Sheppard: "It's Not a Hobby, It's a Post-apocalyptic Skill": Space, Feminism, Queer, and Sticks and String
  • Annaliese Pope: They Privatized Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot
  • Molly Hankwitz: Towards an Understanding of Fine Craft in the Age of Computers
  • Melissa Vandenberg: Soft Power
  • Chrysanthe M.: Glass Painting: the Storytelling Griot of the Signares
  • Chrysanthe M.: A Gallery of Glass Paintings of Signares
  • Mike Mosher: Mike Crafty, or Broken Toys Kelley
  • Mike Mosher: Jimm Juback's DANIEL BOONE: A Bow and Arrow Made of Shticks
  • Michael Powers: And Called It Macaroni
  • Chad M. White: Against Craftsmanship
  • Tamara Watkins: A Womb of His Own: How Political Craftivism Helps Male Legislators Realize Their Dreams of Having Female Reproductive Organs
  • Kevin Wehr: DIY: Decolonizing Our Lives

      I S S U E   8 3   N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 2

    Election 2012

  • Tamara Watkins and Mike Mosher: Introduction: Politics, Media, and Meaning
  • Dan Faltesek: No Touching
  • Gregory G. Jackson: As the Rerun Airs: Is the United States Finally Ready for Social Democracy?
  • Tamara Watkins: My Problem with Michele
  • Tamara Watkins: Sex, Drugs, and Republicans
  • Harry Hammitt: Freedom of Information Under Obama
  • Joseph Natoli: The Presidential Election Season: the Future Envisioned
  • Mike Mosher: Towards More Perfect Unions: Michigan Labor and the 2012 Election
  • Tamara Watkins: Why Chelsea Handler Matters
  • Melissa Vandenberg: Middleland: Some Drawings and Photographs
  • Melissa Vandenberg: Middleland (contd.)
  • Chad M. White: Mitt Eats
  • Pauly Bunyansky: Romney's Mark of Cain, I Mean Bain

      I S S U E   7 7   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 2

    Dead Heads/Dead Presidents

  • Arturo J. Aldama and Mike Mosher: Introduction: M(other)hood's Moms, Activists, Artists, and Betty Ford
  • Molly Hankwitz: Changing Housework: Feminist Art and the "Universal" Housewife
  • Glenda Drew: Design + Occupy UC Davis: an Intervention
  • Rosalie G. Riegle: Women War Resisters: Oral Histories, Contemporary Visions
  • Alison Ross: Kathryn Wins Big, but Hollywood Still Hurts for Female Directors
  • Becky Cooper: A Happy Childhood: Identity and Anxiety During Pregnancy
  • Margaret Jamieson: 3pm
  • Kelly Argyle: The Morning
  • Johanna Hibbard: The Lading
  • Jennifer Flynn, Amanda Waterman, and Nate Garrelts: Does Dove Really Love Our Humps?
  • S.L. Weitmare: A Woman Is More Than The Contents Of Her Uterus
  • Mike Mosher: White Queen of Detroit: Niagara's Torrent Upon Her Rock-Solid Guys (Part 1)
  • Mike Mosher: White Queen of Detroit: Niagara's Torrent Upon Her Rock-Solid Guys (Part 2)
  • Tamara Watkins: "Borrowing Bella for the Weekends": Abusive Boyfriends, Paternalism, and Narrative in Twilight
  • Andrea Ondish: Portfolio: Tool Women
  • Francesca Palazzola: Portfolio: New Jersey Children, Woman
  • Sara Jo Pender: Portfolio: Holding Hands from Solitary Confinement
  • Myrrh: The Activist & Her Motivation
  • Geoff Schindler: Push and Push Back
  • Mike Mosher: White Queen of Detroit: Niagara's Torrent Upon Her Rock-Solid Guys

      I S S U E   8 1   A U G U S T   2 0 1 1

    Arizona Biopower

  • Arturo J. Aldama and Peter J. Garcia: Ya Basta! with State Sponsored Racial Thuggery
  • Roberto Cintli Rodriguez: Outlaw Arizona: State Seceding from the United States and Humanity
  • Rodolfo F. Acuña: The Search for Reason
  • Arturo J. Aldama: No Somos Criminales: A Decolonial Response to Nativist Racism in the US
  • Peter J. Garcia: On Arizona's Failed Democracy: Where is Chicana and Chicano Studies?
  • Doreen Martinez: The Veils of the State: Contextualizing Political Affiliation, Acts of Violence and Illogical Justifications of the Rhetoric of Patriotism
  • Alberto "Beto" Gutierrez: Arizona: From Jim Crow to Juan Cuervo
  • Christopher Gonzalez: Resisting a Mechanized Consciousness
  • Jesus Acosta: Que Me Toquen un Corrido Pesado!!!: An Analysis of the Narcocorrido and Its Rise to Popularity in the United States
  • Nohemy Solárzano-Thompson, Tia K. Butler: Danny Trejo's Body: Immigrant Males, the Border, and Citizenship in the American Imagination
  • Harry Gamboa Jr.: Last Stand
  • George Rivera: From This Side: Images on Immigration from the United States
  • Mike Mosher: Allegory and Alterity: Regulating Labor, Immigration, and the Ruinous Emblems of Hate in Michigan
  • Joe Natoli: "We Have Found New Homes for the Rich": The Underclass Won't Wait to Join Obama's "Everybody"
  • Rebecca Beucher: Examining Racial Constructions to (Re)theorize Race Relations in the 21st Century
  • Jake Prendez: Arizona Inspired Artwork
  • Geoffrey Boyce and Sarah Launius: Normalizing Noncompliance: Militarization and Resistance in Southern Arizona
  • Jason Ferreira: Eyes on Arizona: Notes from the War Zone: A Conversation with Dr. Jason Ferreira

      I S S U E   8 0   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 9

    Obama Annus Unus

  • Mike Mosher: Introduction: Obama Annus Unus
  • Ken Jolly: Brooks and Gump Have a Tea Party
  • Zack Furness: The Obama Administration and the Rule of 'Opposite Day!'
  • Pancho McFarland: Obama, The New Lula?
  • Mike Mosher: Where's the Peace?
  • Charlie Bertsch: Clearing the Air: Progressives and the Presidency
  • Mike Mosher: Soul Utility Vehicles
  • Joel Lewis: Tears of Hope: Obama and Personal Politics
  • Mark Patrick: The Pluggs
  • Mike Mosher: As Bushnight Ends: Approaching Obamorning in America
  • Heather Turner: Bush Protested in London
  • Zack Furness: Shoe Resistance: A Pictorial

      I S S U E   7 9   N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 8

    Elect Me

  • Arturo Aldama, Pancho McFarland and Mike Mosher: Elect Me: Will Race, Class and Gender Define The Presidential Agenda?
  • Cecile Pineda: Convenient Distractions: The Role of Gender and Race in U.S. Politics
  • Claudia Villegas and Rodolfo Hernández: The Flip Flop Side of Change
  • Pancho McFarland: Presidential Possibilities: Can People of Color Change the World Under Obama?
  • Zekita: The End of Plantation Politics?
  • Dean Franco: Wife of His Youth
  • Peter J. Garcia: The United States Presidential Election 2008: Bill Richardson and the New Mestizo- a Case Study in Racial Contradiction
  • Mike Mosher: Please Believe, Please Vote
  • Pauly Bunyansky: How It Looked in 2008

      I S S U E   7 8   N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 7


  • Zack Furness: Introduction: Hope Floats on a Paper Boat
  • Gary McCarron: The Moral Politics of Hope
  • Zack Furness: Utopia and the City: An Interview with David Pinder
  • Helen Hintjens: The War FOR Illegals
  • Tamara Watkins: The Sanctity of Life
  • Charlie Bertsch: Like Robert Downey Jr.
  • Mike Mosher: Future Now! Criticism Machines Strengthen Communities
  • Maxwell Schnurer: (The Invisibles) Hope: A Comic Interlude
  • Anonymous: Reflections on the Sixties
  • Rosalie Riegle: Our Arrest: Four Women's Antiwar Action in Chicago
  • Myrrh: If George Bush Were a Religious Man...
  • Chelsea Robinson: Snapshots of Hope, Part One: The New Bird Flu
  • Brandy Betz: "Snapshots of Hope, Part Two: Trapped in a Box
  • Bianca Wylie: Snapshots of Hope, Part Three: The Situation
  • Braxton Marnus: Snapshots of Hope, Part Four: The American Shabbiness

      I S S U E   7 7   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 7

    Dead Heads/Dead Presidents

  • Arturo J. Aldama and Mike Mosher: Dead Heads of State/Dead Presidents: Symbolic Death, Social Death & Bone-Rotting Death
  • Monti Narayan Datta: The Legacy of George W. Bush: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Devin Razavi-Shearer: Toppling Iran: a Precusor to Latin America
  • Aaron Smith, Devin Razavi-Shearer, and Armando Somoza: Menaced by El Norte: Fighters Against US Imperialism
  • Brian Klocke: Eulogizing "America": Bush, Reagan and State Terror
  • Arturo J. Aldama: ¿Donde Estan Los Muertos? Mourning Gipper's Ghosts
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Ronald Ray-Guns
  • Joel Schalit: Anti-Reagan and Stuff Man Yeah
  • Mike Mosher: Resisting Reaganism: a 1980s Folio
  • J.C. Myers: Where's the Rest of Him?
  • Zack Furness: Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism: Reflections on Palestine and What I've Learned About Being an Editor, a Jew, and a Leftist
  • Myrrh: "Talking Heads": Deadly Ideas Depicted

      I S S U E   7 6   O C T O B E R   2 0 0 6

    Race and Culture

  • Pancho McFarland, Scott Schaffer, and Tamara Watkins: The Changing Significance of Race
  • Mike Mosher: My Polonia: Re-Encountering Lawrence Welk
  • Zack Furness: Race, Class and Bicycling
  • Carrie Smith: The New Racism and the Changing Beauty Norm
  • Robert Soza: Where Does One Begin?
  • Nathan Garrelts: The Big Penny Pussy Sale: White Patriarchy and the Rhetoric of the Hollywood Fancyman
  • Chong-suk Han: A Different Shade of Queer: Race, Sexuality, and Marginalizing by the Marginalized
  • Lucy Pickering: 'Eh Haole, You Want One Soda?': On Being White and British in Hawai'i
  • Tamara Watkins: English, Please?: Thoughts on Pedagogy and Cultural Assimilation in Adult ESL Education
  • Janice M. Wolff: Reading Crash: Writing Awareness Narratives
  • Arturo J. Aldama: The Timeless Color of Violence
  • Beauty Bragg: The Importance of Speculation, or Octavia Butler as King figure
  • Race and the Censoring of Art

      I S S U E   7 5   M A Y   2 0 0 6

    Sex Politics

  • Charlie Bertsch and Mike Mosher: Sex Politics: What Turns On Bad Subjects
  • Mark John Isola: Academic Whores and Publishing Pimps
  • Ruby Caprio: The Quotidian Miasma of Discrimination: The Case of the Damsel in Distress
  • Vanessa Raney: Is Trans-Gendering the New Homosexuality?: Some Thoughts on the Subject
  • Katrien Jacobs: Ovarium: BioPorn Videodrama Just Across The Border
  • Whitney Strub: Let Them Eat Porn
  • Phil Tiemeyer: Queer Capitalism: Sex and Politics in the Ad Campaign of Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Patrick Hurono: You Got a Friend: Two Tales of Post-Seventiessexuals
  • John Duncan: Understanding Religion and Estimating Justice in the Final Term of George II
  • Jodi Dean: Blogging Theory

      I S S U E   7 4   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 5


  • Charlie Bertsch and Jonathan Sterne: Inter-Duction
  • Mike Mosher: Mail Art
  • Marc Raboy: Broadcast Politics and the Limits of Freedom of Expression
  • Carrie Rentschler: The Confederate Flag in East Montreal
  • Steven Rubio: All the Pieces Matter
  • Kyle Conway and Elizabeth Galewski: Not the Voice Coppola Would Expect
  • Mikita Brottman: Is the Internet a Portal to Hell?
  • Emily Raine: Why Should I Be Nice to You?
  • Lawrence Grossberg: "Being Young Sucks"

      I S S U E   7 3   A P R I L   2 0 0 5

    All Bad

  • Megan Prelinger, Arturo J. Aldama: All Bad
  • Tomasz Kitlinski: New Europe, Old Monsters
  • Arturo Aldama: ¿Donde Estan Los Muertos? : Mourning Gipper's Ghosts
  • Jonathan Sterne: My Canadian Confusion
  • Megan Shaw Prelinger: To Build a Library
  • Mike Mosher: Distortions of War: a Portfolio
  • Steven Rubio: Reagan, Nixon and Bush
  • JC Myers: Explaining CEO Pay
  • Pancho McFarland: Toxic Culture, the Consumer Ethic, and Teaching Biocentrism
  • Elisabeth Hurst: The Taste of Memory
  • Scott Schaffer: Mezze Ideology: Community, Class, and Multicultural Cuisine

      I S S U E   7 2   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 5


  • Elisabeth Hurst, Joe Lockard, Joel Schalit: Jesuslands: Where Fundamentalism Meets Politics
  • Ethan Blue: National Trauma, Church Drama: The Cultural Politics of Christian Fear
  • Keira Slevin: The Road to Jesusland
  • Rob Hardy: Rescuing Jesus from Jesusland
  • Mike Mosher: When Jesus was Left: Christians, Socialists and the Masses
  • Leanne McRae: Jesusland: Corporate Globalisation, Michael Moore and the Rise of the Religious Right
  • D. Wallace: Going to Hell with a Handbasket: Re-reading The Handmaid's Tale, November 2004
  • Omar Swartz: The Anti-Theism of Richard Rorty
  • Bill Cottrell: Moral Values: Red Herrings of the 2004 Election
  • Claudia Hart, Claudia Herbst: Virtual Sex: The Female Body in Digital Art
  • Tomasz Kitlinski, Pawel Leszkowicz, Joe Lockard: Poland's Transition: From Communism to Fundamentalist Hetero-Sex
  • Joe Lockard: American Millennialists and the EU Satan
  • David Garcia: Amsterdam: Berlin
  • Lev Lafayette: The Rise of Reactionary Religious Politics in Australia
  • Guillermo Compte Cathcart: ¿Jesusland, Mosesland, Mahomaland, Gayland, Lesbianland o Drogaland?

      I S S U E   7 1   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 4


  • Arturo J. Aldama, Pancho McFarland, Mike Mosher: Introduction: Surviving the Pinta, the Big House, the Joint
  • Pancho McFarland, Drawings: Mike Mosher, John Leanos: Terror, Torture and Imprisonment: A Chicano Perspective
  • Natsu Saito: "Like a Disembodied Shade": Colonization and Internment as the American Way of Life
  • Kevin Wehr: “You Hold The Body”: Habeas Corpus, Jose Padilla, and the Exponential Growth of Social Control in the U.S.
  • Rashad Shabazz: Black Militancy: Notes From the Underground
  • Shobas S. Rajgopal: The Legacy of Ajitha: Unearthing a Subaltern Indian Revolutionary and Political Prisoner
  • Ward Churchill: Have We "Put It All Behind Us"? Wages of COINTELPRO Still Evident in Omaha Black Panther Case
  • Elyse Yamauchi: Prison Counter Stories: A Poetic Personal Narrative From the Survivor of American Concentration Camps
  • Rosalie Riegle: Doin' Time: A Work in Progress
  • Mike Mosher: Convicts in a Comics Workshop
  • Michael Brooks: A Victim of Justice: Danny Brown's Fight to Reclaim his Name and Life
  • Michelle Renee Matisons: Three Strikes and Sex Offenses: Lessons from California’s Proposition 66 Campaign
  • Rogelio Garcia-Contreras: Dangerous/Endangered Women: a Proposal to Reduce Recidivism
  • S. David Mitchell: The New Invisible Man: Felon Disenfranchisement Laws Harm Communities
  • Robert Duran: Pinta Fearz: A Chicano Sociologist's Life on the Edge of the Law
  • Robert Soza, Mary Donohue: Untitled Rage
  • John Leanos: Portfolio 1 by John Leanos: Face of Occupation
  • John Leanos: Portfolio 2 by John Leanos: Are You Arresting Me...

      I S S U E   7 0   O C T O B E R   2 0 0 4

    Surveying the Terrain

  • Zack Furness: Introduction: Surveying the Terrain
  • Leah Halper: Ants
  • Michael Brooks: Bondage, Business, and Blood Debt: The Case for Slavery Reparations
  • A. Rafik Mohamed: Get Your Elbows Off The Table
  • Omar Swartz: Social Justice and The Rule of Law
  • Tom Crumpacker: Cuba, Democracy, and the Multiparty Political System
  • Rebeca Siegel: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism: A Response to Judith Butler
  • Matt Weiss: Perpetual Peace or Perennial Process?: Perspectives on Sharon’s Gaza Plan and Other Recent Developments
  • Zack Furness: Notes on Nudity and Pubic Hair
  • Bay Woods: Our Jug Band Could Be Your Life: Jug Bands Against George Bush
  • Rosemary Riegle: Sentencing Statement

      I S S U E   6 9   J U N E   2 0 0 4


  • Cynthia Hoffman, Joe Lockard: Introduction: Moral Empire and the Rhetoric of Slaveries
  • Omar Swartz: Natural Law, Positive Law, Slavery, and Nuremberg: Toward a Pragmatic Legal Criticism
  • Manuel Yang: Slavery and Genovese's Delusions
  • Ben Schiller: [Un]Authorised Voices - Who Speaks for the Slave?
  • Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard: Sex Slavery and Queer Resistance in Eastern Europe
  • Lev Lafayette: Working for Welfare in the Antipodes: An Incarnation of Wage-Slavery
  • Alison Hearn: Image Slaves
  • Lanfranco Aceti: The Hyperreality of Global Democracy and the Reality of a Void and Illusionary Enslavement
  • Joe Lockard: Review Essay: Francis Bok's Escape from Slavery and Contemporary Slave Narratives

      I S S U E   6 7   A P R I L   2 0 0 4

    Family ≠ Nation

  • Cynthia Hoffman, Elisabeth Hurst, and Mike Mosher, issue editors: Family ≠ Nation
  • Bradley Berens: In Practice There Is: Three stories about progressive fatherhood
  • Megan Shaw Prelinger: The Name Change Game
  • Elisabeth Hurst: Searching for a More Perfect Union
  • Sylvia Allen: San Francisco Wedding Story
  • Carol E Trainor: Pass Me the Purple Crayon
  • Rachel Barenblat: Diaspora Grrl
  • Loolwa Khazzoom: American, Iraqi, Jewish: So It Makes Sense for Me to Live in Israel
  • Michael Hoffman: The Nation, The State, and Travel after 9/11
  • Mary McInnis: Diary Entry of an Iowa Caucus Virgin
  • Tamara Watkins: The Osbournes: Showing Family Life and Making Money Doing It
  • Kirsty Robertson: Exhibition Complexes: Displaying Nation in Canada's Galleries
  • Melissa Usher: Rug Emporium: Paintings
  • Andrea Ondish: American Graffiti: Paintings and Prints
  • Mike Mosher: Emory Douglas Roasts Pork - Response to Colette Gaiter
  • Colette Gaiter: Response to Mike Mosher
  • Monti Narayan Datta: US Policy Toward a Nuclear North Korea
  • Megan Shaw Prelinger: The Tenth Anniversary of the Siege at Waco and April 2003

      I S S U E   6 6   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 4

    Marx & Theory

  • Frederick Luis Aldama, Robert Soza, and Aaron Shuman, issue editors: All that is Solid Melts into . . . Barbarous Empire-ialism
  • Frederick Luis Aldama: Cuba Libre: Capitalism, Communism, and the Worker
  • Voices from the Collective: Response to Aldama by J C Myers
  • Cuba Libre Redux by Frederick Luis Aldama
  • Frederick Luis Aldama: Music can Rock, just not the World
  • Miguel Lara Hidalgo: Recovering the State: interview with Saskia Sassen
  • Ciudades en riesgo: Entrevista a Saskia Sassen
  • Mrinalini Chakravorty: Hegel-Marx: The "Other" Logic of Unproductive Labor
  • Manuel Yang: Marxism as the Art of Class War
  • Robert Soza: Capitalism is Genocide
  • Elizabeth Krasnoff Levy: Changing Lanes: A Dialogue in Class Struggles Defines Post 9/11 New York
  • Rob Horning: The Warning in Jackass: The Movie

      I S S U E   6 5   J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 4

    Protest Cultures

  • Cynthia Hoffman, Joe Lockard, J.C. Myers, and Scott Schaffer, issue co-editors: Protest Cultures
  • Jeff Noonan: Protest, Socialism, and Social Peace
  • Joe Lockard and Joel Schalit: Protest Cultures, Neo-liberalism,
  • and Contingent Human Rights
  • Iosif Botetzagias and Moses Boudourides: The Iraq War and Greek Anti-War Organisations
  • Stephen Cushion: Misrepresenting Youth: UK Media and Anti-Iraq War Protesters
  • Alexandra Flynn: Demonstraightening Out the FTAA
  • Tom Crumpacker: Anarchists: Impressions of the Miami FTAA Protests
  • Gwyneth Rhys: Seattle and the WTO Protests: An Other Side
  • Sarah Burdacki: Strategy, Tactics, and Solidarity: The Anti-Globalization Movement and Its Discontents
  • Maia Ramnath: Peace And Justice, North And South
  • Mike Mosher: Unionizing Silicon Valley: Victories and Cultural Strategies
  • J.C. Myers: Three Organizer Interviews
  • Mark Pegrum: And on the Eighth Day: The Struggle for Linguistic Organization
  • Gregory Cowan: Street Protest Architecture
  • — Dissent Space in Australia
  • Andy Kirby: Domestic Protest: The Ecovillage Movement as a Space of Resistance
  • Colette Gaiter: The Revolution Will Be Visualized: Emory Douglas in The Black Panther
  • Pink Bloque: Pink Bloque: A Photoessay

      I S S U E   6 4   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 3


  • Jonathan Sterne and Zack Furness, issue editors: Panic: State of Mind or Mind of State?
  • Ann Dutton: Attacking Panic
  • Kevin Carollo: The New World Disorder
  • James Palazzolo: PANIC: A How-To Guide in
  • Two Acts — Public & Private
  • Katy Gall and Vikram Kambampati: How ACORN Fights Predatory Lenders
  • Mike Mosher: War and the Home Court Advantage
  • Zack Furness: Blackout
  • Jonathan Sterne: Notes for the Next Media War

      I S S U E   6 3   A P R I L   2 0 0 3

    Iraq War Culture

  • Joe Lockard, issue editor: Iraq War Culture
  • Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Collective Suicide?
  • Leslie Roberts: When the Enemy Is Me
  • Dickie Wallace: Defending the Homeland War: A View from Croatia
  • David Manning: A Tale of Two (or Three) Marches
  • Niaz Kasravi and A. Rafik Mohamed: Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say
  • Michelle Renee Matisons: Saying Something: Academia's Normalization of Crisis
  • Max Fraad-Wolff and Rick Wolff: The Empire's War on Iraq
  • Debra Benita Shaw: Making Starship Troopers
  • Arturo Aldama: The 'Reality' Video Game of War: Loose Reflections on the Invasion on Hope
  • Cynthia Fuchs: The War Show
  • Babak Rahimi: Social Death and War: US Media Representations of Sacrifice in the Iraq War
  • Michael Hoffman: War as a Sporting Event
  • Steven Rubio: "War! Blog! Good Gawd, Y'all! What Are They Good For?"
  • Jo Rittenhouse and Elisabeth Hurst: Operation Iraqi Freedom: Misdirection in Action
  • Nathan Snaza: Reflections Toward Visibility
  • Binoy Kampmark: Riddles of Disarmament: Saddam and the Washington Sniper
  • Claire Norton: Marines versus Fedayeen: Interpretive Naming and Constructing the 'Other'
  • tobias c. van Veen: Affective Tactics: Intensifying a Politics of Perception

      I S S U E   6 2   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2

    Privacy and Voyeurism

  • Jeremy Russell, Kim Nicolini, and Charlie Bertsch, issue editors: Here's Looking at You
  • Steven Rubio: Still Nobody, or, How My Home Page Became a Blog
  • Christopher Pratt: After 9/11: Christopher Pratt's LiveJournal
  • Alicia Brooks: Sex and Confessions in Queer Academia
  • Mark Lundy: Haunted
  • Heidi Garcia: Poetics and Aesthetics of Violence in Tattoos
  • Mike Mosher: King, Queen, Knave: A Royal Pardon
  • Hadassah Hill: You Are Watching
  • Kim Nicolini: Going Public
  • Shane Brenkuss: Big Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Jeremy Russell: Surveillance and Secret Identity in Spider-Man
  • Charlie Bertsch: Listmania!: Target Marketing, the Internet, and the Consumer's 'Me'

      I S S U E   6 1   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 2

    Aesthetics of Violence: Imagining Realities

  • Arturo Aldama and Joe Lockard, issue editors: Aesthetics of Violence: Imagining Realities
  • Alfred Arteaga: A Tired Aesthetic
  • Andrew Gross and Michael Hoffman: Reflections on a Holocaust Impostor:  Fragments and Its Tortured History
  • Delberto Dario Ruiz: Ornaments of the Rio Yaqui and Beyond
  • Arturo J. Aldama: Euro-Trash Vampires, Toothless Kung-Fu Serfs, and Cinematic Orientale Nouveau
  • David Sanjek: Dario Argento's Blood on the Walls
  • Leanne McRae: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Male Defeat
  • Justin Shaw: Falling Down: Social Contracts and the Logic of the Absurd
  • Juana Suárez: Rafagazos de imágenes: jóvenes y violencia en relatos fílmicos de Medellín
  • Carlos Manuel Rivera: El teatro de la violencia: Nuevo Teatro Pobre de América de Pedro Santaliz
  • Cheryl Greene and Zachary Waggoner: Meditations on Brutality and Digital Imagery
  • Claudia Herbst: Extreme Sex, Death, and Computer Graphics Imaging Technology
  • William Anthony Nericcio: [Sadistic] California Dreaming: Pleasure in the Breaking of Mexican Bodies
  • Aaron Scott: Beware of Dog: Trauma and Repetition in Leon Golub's Art
  • Sarah Ramirez: "Aquí La Justicia Sale Sobrando": Lila Downs and Transfrontera Music
  • Pancho McFarland: Hyper-masculine and Misogynist Violence in Chicano Rap
  • Peter J. Garcia: Violent Ballads as Border Representations: The Aesthetics of Violence in the Mexican and Chicana/o Corrido

      I S S U E   6 0   A P R I L   2 0 0 2

    Immigration and Diaspora

  • John Brady and Robert Soza, issue editors: Immigration and Diaspora
  • Elisabeth Hurst and Jo Rittenhouse:  What Country Is It?
  • Binoy Kampmark:  Acting Out a Tragedy: Australian Perceptions of the MV Tampa
  • Robert Hamilton:  Empire of Kitsch: Japan as Represented in
  • Western Pop Media
  • Aaron Shuman:  A Sit-down with Kathleen Cleaver
  • Tom Crumpacker:  Cuba Travel Restrictions
  • Celia C. Perez-Zeeb:  By the Time I Get to Cucaracha
  • Thad Blanchette:  Gringos
  • Gabriele Sanchez:  De las Ciudades: gandado espacios en la aniversidad
  • Joe Lockard:  The Disappearances of Academia
  • Arturo Aldama:  Nepantal Post-9/11
  • Gilbert Rosas:  Post-September 11 at the Border

      I S S U E   5 9   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 2


  • Aaron Shuman and Jonathan Sterne, issue editors: These Colors Don't Run
  • Joe Lockard: Social Fear and the Commodification of Terrorism
  • Carrie Rentschler, Carol Stabile and Jonathan Sterne: United We Stand: Fresh Hoagies Daily
  • Jeff Chang: 9/11: The Fallout
  • J. Douglas Allen-Taylor: No Cruising for You: African American Youth and Police in Oakland
  • Rob Drew: Cruising for Music
  • Baynard Woods: Tragicruising: My Return to the NASCAR Circuit
  • Zack Furness: Cruising Envy: The Battle Between Bikes and Cars
  • Michael Stephens: Fear of Dancing: Movement, Bodily Display, and the Practice of Restraint
  • Aaron Shuman Interviews Naomi Bragin: Dance with a Purpose
  • Tanya Olson: TA/TG: The Pedagogy of the Cross-Dressed
  • Doug Henwood Interviews Slavoj Zizek,
  • with an intro by Charlie Bertsch: "I am a Fighting Atheist"


      I S S U E   5 8   D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 1

    Police State

  • Megan Shaw Prelinger and Joel Schalit, issue editors:
  • Policing Our Lives, Policing the World: The U.S. Expands Its Role

  • Mike Males: The New Drug Thugs: Old White Guys
  • Michael Pipkin: Home of the Brave
  • Rick Prelinger: The Failure of Counter-Surveillance as Mass Activity
  • Alicia Curtis: Involuntary Commitment
  • Martha Bridegam: Fear Itself: Tanforan and Public Memory
  • Scott Schaffer: Obedience is Freedom: On the Existing American Police State
  • Edmund Zimmerman: When Neo-Fascists Storm Into Government
  • (A Context for Genoa)

  • Joel Schalit: How to Read September 11th
  • Gad Horowitz: Global Pardon: Pax Romana, Pax Americana, and Kol Nidre


      I S S U E   5 7   O C T O B E R   2 0 0 1


  • Cynthia Hoffman and Paul Rosenbaum, issue editors: Reading Television
  • Joe Lockard: The American Empire in Televised Crisis
  • Megan Shaw Prelinger: How I was Politically Educated by The Prisoner
  • Marnie Carroll: American Television in Europe: Problematizing the Notion of Pop Cultural Hegemony
  • Zack Furness: My Dad Kicked Ass for a Living
  • Elisabeth Hurst: Canadian Content Rules: Or, Why Bryan Adams Isn't Canadian Content
  • Joe Lockard: Britney Spears, Victorian Chastity and Brand-Name Virginity
  • Mark Engler: On The Price is Right
  • Bradley Berens: The Unwatchable Dead-Babyness of E.R.
  • Bernadette Flynn: Video Games and the New Look Domesticity
  • Walter R. Jacobs III: The Sci-Fi Anti-Dupe: Science Fiction TV as Teaching Tool
  • Baynard Woods: Showing My Hands and Not My Face on TV: Waylon's Rollicking Red Neck Minstrel Show; or Death of the Duke Boys
  • David Banash: From an American Family to the Jennicam Realism and the Promise of TV


      I S S U E   5 6   S U M M E R   2 0 0 1


  • Mike Mosher and Lindsey Eck, issue editors: Why We Must Boogie!
  • Micah Holmquist: The Limits of Politics in Avant-Garde Jazz
  • Rob Drew: Karaoke and the Utility of the Already Sung
  • Elizabeth Rich: "I'm really tooth decay": The Paradox of Avant-Garde Resistance in the Case of Negativland's DisPepsi
  • Baynard Woods: Becoming the Daydream Boogie of Simultaneous Speed and Stillness: The Truck Road Trip and the Cabcruiser
  • Lindsey Eck: Defining Country Music
  • Mark Van Proyen: Moshpit Metaphysics: The Politics of Punk in San Francisco 1976­87
  • Mat Callahan: Prairie Fire: Rock Maoists
  • Charlie Bertsch: Hotel California: Learning How to Read
  • Mike Mosher: The Motor City is Blanching: White Rap Gets Paid


      I S S U E   5 5   M A Y   2 0 0 1


  • Frederick Luis Aldama and Robert Soza, issue editors: Refuse, Resist, Recycle
  • Robert Mitchell: Owning Shit: Body, Garbage, and Commodification
  • Mike Mosher: Bodies: Sex Pistols and Abortion Art
  • Darren Ranco: Environment Risk, Fish Consumption, and American Indians: Exploring the Logic of Genocide
  • Frederick Aldama: Hayden White Talks Trash: An Interview
  • Octavia Davis: The Dumping Down of America
  • Rosemary Polanco: Yo No Creo en Esa Porquería: Folk Traditions Viewed As "Old World" Garbage
  • Robert A. Soza: Three Tales From The Americas
  • Robert A. Soza: Tomas Almaguer Talks Trash, Too: An Interview
  • Kira Stevens: Trash Transformed into Art: Exploring the Art of Reclamation
  • Robin Nagle: Why We Love to Hate San Men
  • Eric Hicks: Van Carnage
  • Michael Angelo Tata: Foxy #1
  • Frederick Aldama: JDOT Really Talks Trash: An Interview
  • Nathan Pritts: Who Could Ask For Anything More
  • Rashad Shabazz: Exercise, Training, and Getting Rid of the Fat
  • Frederick Aldama: Production, Consumption, and Garbage: Global Capitalism and the Transmigrating Brown Body
  • Tomasz Kitlinski and Joe Lockard: Polish Garbage and Dreck Heroes


      I S S U E   5 4   M A R C H   2 0 0 1


  • John Brady and Steven Rubio, Issue Editors: What We Talk About When We Talk About Strangers
  • John Brady: Inaugurating the New Hegemony
  • Joe Lockard and Joel Schalit: 'Bush Drives Us Into Bakunin's Arms!': An Interview with Howard Zinn
  • Brian Duff: Strangers and Bedfellows: When Feminists Marry Animal Lovers
  • Mike Mosher: None Meaner Than Gina: Ms. Arnold Cozy with Capital
  • Jeremy Russell: Requiem for an Easy Rider
  • Mahwash Shoaib: The Heart of Whiteness: The Allure of Tourism in Vertical Limit and The Beach
  • Nick Lehner: Lesbian Invisibility and the Femme's Dilemma
  • Deborah Shaller: Prime Locations
  • Lindsey Eck: Home Isn't Where the Work Is: That's Why There's Casa Marianella
  • Marguerite Helmers: The Truth Is Here: Strangers in Roswell, New Mexico
  • Wayde Grinstead: Make It a Double: My Lives As a Barkeep and Academic, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Bar Life
  • Steven Rubio: Feel Like Going Home: Notes on Self-Marginalization

      I S S U E   5 3 x   J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 1

    Bad Election

  • Charlie Bertsch: Bad Election: We Recount It
  • Joe Lockard: Alienated Votes and Left Separatism
  • Aaron Shuman: Vox Florida: BS Interviews Republican Demonstrators

      I S S U E   5 3   J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 1

    Alienated Labor

  • Charlie Bertsch and Joe Lockard, Issue Editors: Alienated Nation
  • Nora Connor: Welfare, Workfare, Alienation: Early Marx and Late Capitalism
  • Alexander Urbelis: Alienated Labor and the Verizon Strike
  • Editors of The Amateur Computerist: The 1984-1987 Battle Over Computer Classes at the Ford Rouge Factory: A Dossier
  • Lindsey Eck: The Idea of Border at Eagle Pass
  • Tim Jackson: Homily for a Labor of Meaning
  • Mike Mosher: Artist!
  • Amy Halloran: Mortgaged for Life
  • JC Myers: Down and Out in the Eighties
  • Kim Nicolini: Downwardly Immobile: Looking for Work in All the Wrong Places

      I S S U E   5 2   N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 0

    Improper Intellectual(s) Property

  • Joel Schalit and Geoff Sauer, Issue Editors: Intellectual Improprieties
  • Charlie Bertsch: The Voice of Authority: Michel Foucault's Problematization of the Intellectual
  • Rick Prelinger: Beyond Copyright Consciousness
  • Steven Rubio: To Cal, With Love
  • Mary Kelly: Wanted: New Subject of Knowledge -- No Alienated Intellectuals, Please
  • Scott Schaffer: In-Between Days: Intellectual Work and Intelligent Life at the Crossroads
  • Amanda Shoemaker: The Selfishness of the Intellectual: Why Eve Upset the Apple Cart
  • Min Sook Lee: Anandan's Wall

      I S S U E   5 1   O C T O B E R   2 0 0 0


  • Megan Shaw Prelinger and Jonathan Sterne, Issue Editors: We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?
  • Micah Holmquist: Spectator Sports: What the Left Can Learn From Them
  • Aimee J. Placas: Credit Cards and the Devil's Work
  • Mat Callahan: Technology and Liberation in a Messianic Age
  • Mike Mosher: Metastasizes Like Teen Spirit
  • Michelle Silva: Alchemy: The Subjugated Science
  • Lindsey Eck: Moving Meditation, Materialism, and Mao: Evolving Mythologies of Internal Martial Arts
  • Mark Harrison: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get Along with the Gray
  • Charlie Bertsch: The Spirit of Irony
  • Joe Lockard: 'The Defendant Is a Pure Heretic': Notes from an Infidel

      I S S U E   5 0   J U N E   2 0 0 0


  • Frederick Aldama, Jeremy Russell, and Aaron Shuman, Issue Editors: Fear
  • Nora Connor: The Abyss and You: A Brief Anatomy of Fear
  • Robert Soza: For the Love of Money
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Robin S. Brooks: Cross-Dressing in Bulgaria: Gay-Identity, Post-Communist Fear, and Magical Love
  • Lindsey Eck: Fear and Loathing on Sixth Street: Does Austin's High-Tech Future Mean Music Is a Thing of the Past?
  • Sheen Brenkuss: Bungee Jumping and Our Schizophrenic Society
  • Chris Orlet: Fear of God
  • Arturo J. Aldama: Do You Fear Fear? Docile Bodies and Fear of the Other
  • Brent Malin: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Pedagogy of Fear
  • Poor Magazine: Poverty: A Triptych from Poor Magazine
  • Bad Subjects: The Contributors
  • Mike Mosher: Diallo Verdict Demonstration NYC 2/26/00

      I S S U E   4 9   A P R I L   2 0 0 0

    Regarding the Past

  • Charlie Bertsch and John Brady, Issue Editors: Past Imperfect
  • JC Myers: 20th Century Blues
  • John Brady: New Year's Eve in Berlin: Firecrackers, Fascist Light Shows, and Witnessing History in the Haupstadt
  • John Leslie: Drat! Just When It Was Getting Fun to Be a Social Democrat Again!
  • Thomas Barfuss: Inside the Goldfish: Myth and Impersonation in Switzerland
  • Joel Schalit: Remembering the Ways of War
  • Robert Hamilton: Reclaiming the Legend: Godzilla Goes Home
  • James Klausen: Smells Like False Consciousness: Fragments of a Conversation on Woodstock '99
  • Tomás Sandoval, Jr. and Jason Ferreira: The FSM Café: History, Memory, and the Political Legacy of Coffee
  • Robert Shaw: The Day I Met Richard Nixon

      I S S U E   4 8   M A R C H   2 0 0 0

    Wireless and Invisible Landscapes

  • Jonathan Sterne and Geoffrey Sauer, Issue Editors: Visionaries of the Invisible
  • Geoffrey Sauer: Wireless Eavesdropper
  • John Brady: Culture Will Eat Itself: E-Commerce, Technology, and Public Space
  • Ewa Pagacz: Bribery Culture, or the Republic of Zloties
  • Megan Shaw: The Mythical State of Jefferson
  • Mark Harrison: The World Will End in the Year 2000, er, 2012
  • Mike Mosher: M-M-My MicroGeneration
  • Rick Prelinger: The Invisible Audioscapes of Police Broadcasts
  • Carrie A. Rentschler: Securing Profits
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Karl Macrae: VI/125 Degrees of Separation: A Prison Activist's Notes

      I S S U E   4 7   J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 0


  • Julia Bryan-Wilson, Steven Rubio, and Megan Shaw, Issue Editors: The Young ... and the (Restless) Grown-ups
  • Mike Mosher: Youth Liberation of Ann-Arbor: Young, Gifted, and Media-Savvy
  • Steven Rubio: The Kids Are Alright
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Mike Males: Teens and Drugs: Just Shut Up
  • Stephani Woodson: Exploring the Cultural Topography of Childhood
  • Aaron Shuman: How to Read a Housing Crisis
  • Charlie Bertsch: Music for Babies, or, How I'm Reconciling Fatherhood
  • with My Record Collection

      I S S U E   4 6   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 9

    No Alternative

  • Annalee Newitz and Joel Schalit, Issue Editors: Alternative Schmalternative
  • Anonymous, Ph.D.: I'd Rather Be a Whore Than an Academic
  • John Marr: Zines Are Dead
  • Joe McNeilly: Ecstasy!
  • Aaron Shuman: Soul Type Cast
  • Hugh Bartling: The Poverty of Alt.Country
  • David Hawkes: In Search of Ronnie Biggs
  • Charlie Bertsch: A Conversation with Tom Frank of The Baffler
  • Everett True: Confessions of a Cultural Industrialist
  • Mark Robinson: Abandoning Purity
  • Joel Schalit: No Alternative to Transcendence
  • Annalee Newitz: Underground America 1999

      I S S U E   4 5   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 9

    KMY2K OK?

  • Charlie Bertsch and Joe Lockard, Issue Editors: Marx Without Monsters
  • Viet Thanh Nguyen: Marxism After Ho Chi Minh
  • Ewa Pagacz: Blacks and Reds in Polish Technicolor
  • Frederick Aldama: Marxing Across the Border
  • Bill Freind: Farce, Conservative Marxism, and "The Eighteenth Brumaire"
  • J C Myers: Marx vs. Weber: Uno Mas!
  • Richard D. Wolff: Marxism, Class Analysis, and the USSR: A Y2K Perspective
  • Jonathan Sterne: Marx's Media Corps
  • Joe Lockard: Shamanic Marxism and the Ghosts of Capital
  • William Stephenson: The Microserfs Are Revolting: Sid Meier's Civilization II
  • Tim Hardin: Reification and the Standards Movement in Public Education
  • Jillian Sandell: Making Histories
  • Joel Schalit: Reading Communism: Italy, Berlinguer, and Me
  • Aaron Shuman: Please, Hammer, Don't Hurt Me: Why I Don't Read Marx
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Mike Mosher: Marxist Valuable Players

      I S S U E   4 4   M A Y   1 9 9 9


  • Jeremy Russell and Joe Lockard, Issue Editors: Bad Writing
  • David Hawkes: Composition, Capitalism & the New Technology
  • Charlie Bertsch: Autobiography in Music Criticism
  • L.A. Schildt: My Education As a Writer
  • Jeremy Russell: Repetitive Stress
  • Ewa Pagacz: May Day in Bielsko
  • James Casas Klausen: Business as Usual
  • Tom/Paul & Joe Lockard: Monica Dreyfus
  • Mike Mosher: Write Me Disconnectedly: Assembling Hypertexts
  • Bad Subjects: Ethnic Studies & Social Justice
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate

      I S S U E   4 3   A P R I L   1 9 9 9

    Food and Drug

  • Charlie Bertsch and Brock Craft, Issue Editors: Food and Drugs for Thought
  • Katie Simon: Mindful Mindless Bodies
  • Steven Rubio: Linguica and Me
  • Mike Mosher: Against Photography: Kicking the Imaging Narcotic
  • Charlie Bertsch: Red Sauce
  • Jill Stauffer: Fissure Price?
  • Scott Thill: Are You Afraid to Think?
  • Megan Shaw: Eternal Return of the Jedi: The Phantom Menace Approaches
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate

      I S S U E   4 2   M A R C H   1 9 9 9


  • John Brady and Annalee Newitz, Issue Editors: Money, Money, Money
  • Charlie Bertsch: Not So Freeways: California State Route 91, HOT Lanes, and the Future of the Public Sector
  • John Brady: When Money Talks, People Listen
  • Maia Beth Goodell: In the Navy: Gender, Class and Sexual Harassment
  • John Marr: Confessions of an eBay Addict
  • Mike Mosher: FREE! The Political Economy of the White Panthers
  • Annalee Newitz: Growing Up MLA
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate

      I S S U E   4 1   J A N U A R Y   1 9 9 9


  • Joel Schalit and Matt Wray, Issue Editors: Bad Subjects Considers Its Objects
  • Soupy Sennett: A Pie in the Fetish
  • John Smith: Retouching the Schoolkids
  • Mike Mosher: Teledildonic Temptation: The Rise and Fall of Computer Sex
  • Jeremy Russell: Suicidal Idols
  • Joel Schalit and Jonathan Sterne: Sample My Privates: The Politics of New Media and Copyright Law
  • "Certain Sounds Turn Me On": John Brady Interviews G.X. Jupitter-Larsen of The Haters
  • Megan Shaw and Robert Shaw: Fetishizing the Communication Gap: The AT&T "Vietnam" Commercial
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Matt Wray: Fetishizing the Fetish

      I S S U E   4 0   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 8


  • Megan Shaw and Jonathan Sterne, Issue Editors: A Bad Traffic Jam
  • Gretchen Soderlund and Emma Grant: Girls (Forced to) Dance Naked!
  • Dan McGee: Victims of Invisible Threats
  • Peter Ives: North-West of Where?
  • Hsuan L. Hsu: How to Get Things with Words
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Jonathan Sterne: Staffing the Crisis
  • Joel Schalit: Driving Through the Minefields of Love
  • John Brady: I Can Drive for Miles and Miles
  • Megan Shaw and Rick Prelinger: Freeway Landscapes and Timescapes
  • Mike Mosher: Neighborhood Art Traffic Signals

      I S S U E   3 9   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 8


  • Jillian Sandell and Steven Rubio, Issue Editors: The Critical Cure
  • Annalee Newitz: Chronic Honeymoon Cystitis
  • John Brady: Open Up and Say Aaaahhhh: Deploying the Metaphor of Political Health
  • Steven Rubio: Dirty Laundry
  • Shih Chang: Smells Like a Chlorine Conspiracy
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Sandra Teresa Hyde: The Chinese State and Everyday AIDS Practices in the Borderlands
  • Brock Craft: Slice, Dice, and Julienne: The Politics of Sterilization
  • Mike Mosher: Elvis Healed?!?! A Report from His Memphis Conference
  • Joel Schalit: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


      I S S U E   3 8   M A Y   1 9 9 8

    Men, Women, and Everyone Else

  • The Bad Subjects Production Team: Bad Gender
  • Juliette Guilbert: Chinese Woman and American Feminism
  • Annalee Newitz: Heterosexual Love
  • Brian Duff: Pornography as Sacred Language
  • Mark Van Proyen: Matthew Barney's Blarney
  • Kim Nicolini: The Failings of Alternative Communities
  • Mike Mosher: Virtual Missing Children
  • Joel Schalit: It's Hard Being Me
  • Jonathan Sterne: Getting Personal With the President and Other People


      I S S U E   3 7   M A R C H   1 9 9 8


  • Annalee Newitz and Geoff Sauer, Issue Editors: Media Subjects
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Bad Shorts: Chow Yun-Fat in America
  • John Ives: Computer Virus Hoaxes
  • Ed Korthof: Free Software
  • Tim Jackson: A Prisoner of Hope in Cyberspace
  • Lisa Prothers: Culture Jamming with Pedro Carvajal
  • Christopher Sharrett: An Interview with :Wumpscut:
  • Joel Schalit: The Profits of Rage
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Charlie Bertsch: Private Lessons of CETI
  • John Brady: Town Hall Meetings
  • Cynthia Hoffman: I Type Really Fast
  • Matt Wray: Left Conservatism


      I S S U E   3 6   F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 8


  • John Brady and Joel Schalit, Issue Editors: Anti-Disconservatarianism
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Left Conservatism
  • Megan Shaw: Why Everyone Should Read Soldier of Fortune
  • Annalee Newitz: Aryan to Anti-Racist
  • Jeremy Russell: Ingrate
  • Peter Ives: Neoconservatism in Ontario
  • Elisabeth Hurst: Life During OPEC '97
  • John Brady: Spanking the Marine
  • Jason Myers: You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Thin
  • Joel Schalit: Right as Reign
  • Doug Henwood: I Was a Teen-Age Reactionary


      I S S U E   3 5   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 7

    Sport and Play

  • Steven Rubio and Jillian Sandell, Issue Editors: Fever Pitch
  • Chris Rubio: Throws Like the Girl She Is
  • Clint Burnham: BC Hydroponic
  • Scott Thill: The Importance of Being Tiger Woods
  • David Hawkes: Maradona: San Diego
  • Cynthia Hoffman and Elisabeth Hurst: Action Figures Have Sex on our Computers
  • Robert Hamilton: Virtual Idols and Digital Girls
  • Lil Bartholo: From Maracana to Coliseum
  • Jim Castonguay: The Gulf War TV Super Bowl
  • Mark Van Proyen: E-Ticket Masterpieces
  • Steven Rubio: You'll Never Walk Alone


      I S S U E   3 4   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 7

    Form and Content

  • Jeremy Russell and Charlie Bertsch, Issue Editors: Read This First!
  • Christian Divine: Visionary Paranoia
  • Megan Shaw: Two Fathers
  • Katie Simon: Inside the Idea Factory
  • John Brady: Beats and Bodies, Posing and Performance
  • Jeremy Russell: Offensive Art (Marilyn Manson and John Waters)
  • Lauren O'Connor: The Bottom of Sonoma
  • Ron Alcalay: Bad Tourist


      I S S U E   3 3   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 7


  • Joe Lockard, Jonathan Sterne, and Matt Wray, Issue Editors: Racial Subjects
  • Colette Gaiter: SPACE|R A C E
  • Joe Lockard: Invisible Race Wars
  • Greg Dimitriadis: Menace II Society and Boyz 'N the Hood
  • Freya Johnson: Newt's Nazis
  • Adam Cornford: Notes on White Culture
  • Conference Report: The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness
  • Joel Schalit: Shoah's What Jew Got
  • Annalee Newitz: Sexual Mutants of the Multiculture
  • Tomás Sandoval: Merits of Racial Identity
  • Kevin Carollo: The Sticky Film of Race


      I S S U E   3 2   A P R I L   1 9 9 7


  • Annalee Newitz, Kim Nicolini, and Steven Rubio, Issue Editors: Work or Die
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Bad Shorts: Heaven's Gate
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Reporting Rape
  • Freya Johnson and Annalee Newitz: Autobiography and Self-Promotion
  • Steven Rubio: In Defense of Fucking Off
  • Kim Nicolini: Work Without a Face
  • Noodle McDoodle: Escape From the Flatlands
  • Mark Van Proyen: Art in the Academy
  • Tim Jackson: Working Cyberspace
  • Doug Henwood: Visa, Not Welfare
  • What People Do


      I S S U E   3 1   M A R C H   1 9 9 7

    alien languages

  • Charlie Bertsch, Cynthia Hoffman, and Jonathan Sterne, Issue Editors: Finding a Voice
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Bad Shorts: The Star Wars Revival
  • Peter Ives: In Defense Of Jargon
  • Renate Holub: The Rise and Decline Of the Journal Telos
  • Kevin Carollo: The Race To Be Mobile
  • Joe Lockard: English-Only Politics
  • Sarah bat Avraham: Learning Myself
  • Scott Thill: Independence Day and the Renationalization of America


      I S S U E   3 0   F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 7

    War and Revolution

  • John Brady, Joe Lockard, and Joel Schalit, Issue Editors: Smell the Tragic
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Marxism versus Postmodernism
  • John Brady: The Olympic Bombing and Our Violent Public Sphere
  • David Grad: Interview with Jello Biafra
  • Jim Cane: The End of History? Revolutionary Politics in Latin America
  • Jason Myers: Notes from the South African Counter-Revolution
  • Charlie Bertsch and Joel Schalit: Faith and Firepower
  • David Hawkes: Tyranny and Enlightenment in Haiti and Britain


      I S S U E   2 9   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 6


  • Cynthia Hoffman, Joel Schalit, and Matt Wray: The Great Indoors
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: New Political Parties?
  • Kim Nicolini: Notes from Cyburbia
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Asthma is an Environmental Disease
  • Charlie Bertsch: Ranger Rick
  • Matthias Regan: The Landscapes of the Men's Movement
  • Lily Khadjavi: Should Graduate Student Employees Have Collective Bargaining Rights?
  • Annalee Newitz: Remembering 1992
  • Jonathan Sterne: The Labor Theory of Graduate School
  • The Bad Subjects Production Team: After Proposition 209


      I S S U E   2 8   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 6


  • Charlie Bertsch and Jillian Sandell: POP/Tech/ART
  • Steven Rubio: Pour Out a Little Liquor For Tupac
  • Tomás Sandoval: The Burden Of History and John Sayles' Lone Star
  • Jonathan Sterne: Learning From Creativity
  • Mario Ibraim Salimon: Technology vs.Human Development: Brazil, 1996
  • Cynthia J. Hoffman: Religion Goes To the Movies
  • Charlie Bertsch: Secrets Of the X-Files
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Lesser Evilism


      I S S U E   2 7   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 6

    Teaching and Education

  • Ed Korthof and Annalee Newitz: Teach Yourself
  • Megan Shaw: Public Education Policy, But For Whose Sake?
  • Charlie Bertsch: Pedagogy Of the Depressed
  • Ron Alcalay: Observing Americans, EFL Students Share Insights
  • Mike Mosher: Eye Candy Like a Raised Fist
  • Jeremy Russell: Heritage Of the Hidden-Hippies
  • Annalee Newitz: Jane Austen: The Movie
  • Joel Schalit: Just Say No To Rock and Roll


      I S S U E   2 6   A P R I L   1 9 9 6

    Access and Accessibility

  • Annalee Newitz and Jillian Sandell: No Access?
  • Rena Diamond: The Peace Corps and the Philippines
  • John Brady: Public and Private Immigrants
  • Kim Nicolini: Who Owns Art?
  • Charlie Bertsch and Joel Schalit: Hard Left
  • Annalee Newitz: Professional Women
  • Heron, Keiser, Rofes, Smith, Wray: Five White Guys Talking
  • Chris Carlsson: Radical Invasion Of New Media?
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices From the Collective


      I S S U E   2 5   M A R C H   1 9 9 6

    In Flux

  • Ron Alcalay, Charlie Bertsch, Ed Korthof: Bad Subjects In Flux
  • Richard Singer: Learning From the Children Of the '80s
  • Megan Shaw: Frontiers and Pioneers
  • John Brady: Delicious Doughnuts in Berlin
  • Rosemary Lemmis: The Example Of Jerry Brown
  • Jonathan Sterne: Theory Goes To the Movies
  • David Hawkes: Acting Like a Professor
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Life Without Jerry Garcia
  • Ann Theis: Libraries
  • Flossie Lewis: Fifty Years
  • Charlie Bertsch: Deep Blues


      I S S U E   2 4   F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 6

    Cultures of Cyberspace

  • Lockard and Mosher: Radical Cybericity and Political Bridges
  • Colette Gaiter: Multi/Media/Message
  • Joe Lockard: Resisting Cyber-English
  • Joel Schalit: The Information Super Yahweh
  • Patrick Burkart: Bunkley Debunked
  • Mike Mosher: Wiring the Joint
  • Annalee Newitz: Talking With Rudy Rucker
  • Steven Rubio: Home Page
  • Geoffrey Sauer: Hackers, Order and Control
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Rescuing the Knight


      I S S U E   2 3   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 5

    Packaging Events

  • Charlie Bertsch and Joel Schalit: Unpacking Events
  • Freya Johnson: Camp & Capitalism In Batman Forever
  • Joel Schalit: The Jung and the Religious
  • Annalee Newitz: Myth Of the Million Man March
  • Patrick Burkart: Radio Shock
  • Jeremiah Luna: My Trip To Jail
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Anarchy & Growing Older
  • John Brady: The Oklahoma City Bombing

      I S S U E   2 2   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 5

    The Politics of Politics

  • Jonathan Sterne: The Many Faces of Politics
  • Anthony Arnove: Farewell to the Working Class
  • Carrie Rentschler: Perpetrate My Fist! Women's Self-Defense
  • Steve Macek: Can the New Party Save the American Left?
  • Anthony Arnove: ISO: A Brief Introduction
  • Jillian Sandell: Living the Political
  • Joel Schalit: The New Politics Of History
  • Radhika Mongia: Reflections on the Forum on Women
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices From the Collective

      I S S U E   2 1   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 5

    Faith and Propaganda

  • Annalee Newitz and Matt Wray: Bad Subjects, Bad Faith
  • Ron Alcalay: Bad Tourist Gets Well
  • Matt Wray: Burning Man and the Rituals of Capitalism
  • Jillian Sandell: 'Viral Chic': Propaganda of Health Care
  • Annalee Newitz: Taking Drugs, or Shopping at the Black Market
  • Charlie Bertsch: Belief and the Left
  • Joel Schalit: The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord
  • Steven Rubio: A Saint Without God
  • Ed Korthof: The Bridges of Madison County and Other Romances
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices From the Collective

      I S S U E   2 0   A P R I L   1 9 9 5


  • Charlie Bertsch and Ana Cox: Knowing Your Public
  • Ted Byfield: Art 'R' Us
  • Jeff Akeley: Christian Kissing
  • Peter Ives: Diction Against Contradiction
  • Jeremiah Luna: Graffiti and Advertising
  • Seth Sanders: Pulp Fictions
  • Matt Wray: Speed and Politics...
  • Kim Nicolini: Staging the Slut
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   1 92   M A R C H   1 9 9 5

    Transformational Identities

  • Annalee Newitz and Jillian Sandell: Transformation in Progress
  • Rena Diamond: The Allure of Ethnic Eateries
  • Joel Schalit: Free to be Jew and Me
  • Ana Cox: Geek Chic
  • Cynthia Hoffman: Is Utopia a Dyke Bar in Tucson?
  • Ron Alcalay: Morphing Out of Identity Politics
  • Bill Salzmann: Reality Bites, So Buy a Big Gulp
  • Charlie Bertsch: Useful Fictions
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   1 8   J A N U A R Y   1 9 9 5


  • Joe Lockard and Mike Mosher: Cyberspace and its Discontents
  • Avi Rosen: Beyond Humachines
  • David Hawkes: The Flames of Hell: Death and War in Cyberspace
  • Bad Subjects: Manifesto for Bad Subjects in Cyberspace
  • Steven Rubio: Net Escape
  • Joel Schalit: New Highway, Same Hershey Bar
  • Joe Lockard: Selling Brooklyn Bridges in Cyberspace
  • Ed Korthof: Spamming and Usenet Culture
  • Annalee Newitz: Surplus Identity On-line
  • Zoe Druick: The Politics of a Metaphor
  • Mike Mosher: Towards Community Art Machines
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   1 7   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 4


  • Charlie Bertsch and Jonathan Sterne: Personal Space
  • Richard Singer: Burrowed Frontiers
  • Joel Schalit: Crossing the Rock Island Line
  • Freya Johnson: Frat Boy Fetishism: When the Goods Get Together
  • Jonathan Sterne: Geography, Poverty, & Politics
  • Joe Sartelle: Looking Back and Moving On: A Farewell
  • Doug Henwood: Making a Social Atlas
  • Annalee Newitz: Mapping Sexual Geographies
  • Steven Rubio: Smells Like Jobs
  • Kim Nicolini: Streets of San Francisco
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   1 6   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 4

    Opening Issues

  • Ron Alcalay: Opening Issues
  • Jonathan Sterne: Entering McLuhan from the Rear
  • Annalee Newitz and Jillian Sandell: Bisexuality and How to Use It
  • Jeff Akeley: Marketing Masculinity in Universal Soldier
  • Charlie Bertsch: The Politics of the Microbrewery Revolution
  • The Bad Subjects Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   1 5   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 4


  • Joe Sartelle: Introduction to 'Apocalypse'
  • Steven Rubio: Apocalypse, No
  • Matt Wray: Apocalyptic Ecstasy
  • Joel Schalit: Religion and the New American Left
  • Jillian Sandell: Gender War and the Search for Utopia
  • Charlie Bertsch: The End of the World As We Know It
  • Annalee Newitz: Pictures of the Dead Middle Class

      I S S U E   1 4   M A Y   1 9 9 4

    What is Left?

  • Steven Rubio: Introduction to "What Is Left?"
  • Bad Subjects: A Manifesto For Bad Subjects
  • Newitz and Sandell: Beyond Separatism, Dysfunction, and the Left
  • Jonathan Sterne: Leftism and the Love of Academia
  • Joel Schalit: The Political Economy of American Punk
  • Heather Bourbeau: Progressive Politics? The Fall and the P.J. Factor
  • Joe Sartelle: Rejecting the Gay Brain
  • Eileen O'Malley Callahan: Tonya Harding Goes to Berkeley
  • Charlie Bertsch: Working With Others

      I S S U E   1 3   A P R I L   1 9 9 4

    Pacific Rim

  • Annalee Newitz: The Future of America
  • Jesse Berrett: Asian Envy
  • Rubio and Sandell: A Pair of Blood-Splattering Essays
  • Annalee Newitz: Japanese Animation Fans Outside Japan
  • Joel Schalit: Zen, Ginsus, and Japanese Rock 'n Roll in America

      I S S U E   1 2   M A R C H   1 9 9 4


  • Carlos Camargo and Jillian Sandell: Coming Into Badness
  • Adam Cadre: And a Purple Dinosaur Shall Lead Them
  • Steven Rubio: Baud Subjects
  • Jillian Sandell: Cultural Necessity of Queer Families
  • Charlie Bertsch: Gramsci Rush
  • Nikita Pokrovsky: Notes from Moscow
  • Josh Kun: Reading, Writing and Rap

      I S S U E   1 1   J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 4

    Using the Canon

  • Joe Sartelle: The Use Value of High Culture
  • Steven Rubio: Curing the Canon
  • Charlie Bertsch: Ibsen's Wild Duck and Me
  • Annalee Newitz: Remembering Capra's America
  • Jillian Sandell: Shopping For a Change

      I S S U E   1 0   D E C E M B E R   1 9 9 3


  • Catherine Hollis and Annalee Newitz: Altering Consciousness
  • Leslie Minot: Girl Clothes In a Box
  • S.W. Hendee: Hallucinating In Paradise
  • Annalee Newitz: Nymphomania
  • Ann Marie Caffrey: Tuning In To Apathy
  • Charlie Bertsch: Wired?
  • Jillian Sandell: Working the Program
  • Voices from the Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   9   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 3

    The Music Issue

  • Charlie Bertsch: Political Preferences, Not Taste Preferences
  • Joe Sartelle and Steven Rubio: Conversation About Springsteen
  • Neal Smith-Rubio and Sara Smith-Rubio: G-Thang
  • Catherine Hollis: Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me: GG Allin, R.I.P.
  • Annalee Newitz: Madonna's Revenge
  • Ted Friedman: Milli Vanilli and the Scapegoating of the Inauthentic
  • Joel Schalit and John Brady: Seattle Über Alles
  • Brian Kassof: Talking 'Bout Whose Generation
  • Voices from the Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   8   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 3

    Malls and More

  • Ron Alcalay and Steven Rubio: The Badder, the Better
  • Newitz, Rubio, Caffrey: Bad Tourists At The Mall
  • Crystal Kile: Beverly Hills 90210 as Nostalgia Television
  • John Brady: Everyone's a Poet: Criticizing the Poetry Slam
  • Ron Alcalay: Confessions of an American Poet
  • Joe Sartelle: Wrapped School
  • Voices from the Collective: Voices from the Collective

      I S S U E   7   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 3

    Season Premiere

  • The Bad Subjects Collective: A Manifesto For Bad Subjects
  • John Brady: Aesthetic Perspectives of the U.S. Christian Right
  • Joe Sartelle: Dealing with Japan
  • Annalee Newitz: Gender Slumming
  • Ron Alcalay: Representing America
  • Charlie Bertsch: The Critique From Within
  • Stephen Arod Shirreffs: Three Deaths In Vancouver

      I S S U E   6   M A Y   1 9 9 3

    The Season Finale

  • Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle: The Season Finale
  • Annalee Newitz: Alien Abductions and the End of White People
  • Clarisa Bencomo and Elliott Colla: Area Studies, Multiculturalism
  • Joe Sartelle: Jurassic Park: or, Sympathy for the Dinosaur
  • Steven Rubio: Oh Bondage Up Yours!
  • Anne Marie Caffrey: Talking Out Rancor and Redemption

      I S S U E   5   M A R C H / A P R I L   1 9 9 3

    Come Serve With Us

  • Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle: Come Serve With Us
  • Kim Nicolini: Dennis Cooper's Monster in the Margins
  • Joe Sartelle: Fantasies of Straight Men
  • Annalee Newitz: Losing Faith
  • Charlie Bertsch: Making Sense of Seattle
  • Anne Marie Caffrey: Marketing Angry Women
  • Karin Swann: Percent Gay?

      I S S U E   4   F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 3

    Drop Your Weapons

  • Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle: Drop Your Weapons
  • Alyson Bardsley: A Non Homologous Pair of Tales
  • Karin Swann: Confessions of a MacNeil/Lehrer Intern
  • Eric V. Chandler: Democratizing the Academy
  • D.S. Baker: The Paradox of a Superstar's Phenomenon
  • Steven Rubio: The Internet, AGSE Strike, and Me

      I S S U E   3   N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 2

    Taking It Politically

  • Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle: Taking It Politically
  • Baker and Newitz: Exchange With Houston Baker
  • Alyson Bardsley: Batman and Election Returns
  • Annalee Newitz: Inventing A Socialist Therapeutics
  • Joe Sartelle: Public Intellectuals

      I S S U E   2   O C T O B E R   1 9 9 2

    We Mean It

  • Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle: Bad Subjects: We Mean It
  • Charlie Bertsch: Bill Clinton: Yuppie White Trash
  • Joe Sartelle: Cynicism and the Election
  • Steven Rubio: Dan Quayle Was Right
  • Voices from the Collective: Letter to Bad Subjects

      I S S U E   1   S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 2

    Building the New Hegemony

  • Newitz and Sartelle: Bad Subjects: People Building the New Hegemony
  • Charlie Bertsch: Notes on Teaching Self Consciousness
  • Annalee Newitz: The MLA and the Market
  • Joe Sartelle: As If We Were a Community
  • Annalee Newitz: The Simulation of Praxis