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Rug Emporium (2)

Melissa Usher

Issue #67, April 2004

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Juan Davila and George Gittoes are Australian artists who impress me for the integrity of their work and lack of fear in portraying social justice issues. Art can be an important tool, helping to explain and express issues that — because of their complexity — are not clearly understood in the general population.

As a result, I've developed an interest in portraying images concerning social justice issues and a number of works connected to asylum seekers and the War on Terrorism. I have portrayed these issues in a relatively non-confrontational manner, hoping to be less alienating and therefore allow the issues to be contemplated by a wider audience.

Sea journey - carpet image by Melissa Usher
A sea journey. Leaving the known at the top. Venturing across strange new environments, a single silent voyager observes the patterns of the life left behind reflected in the water.


Copyright © 2004 by Melissa Usher. All images copyright © 2004 Melissa Usher. All rights reserved.

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