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Rug Emporium (4)

Melissa Usher

Issue #67, April 2004

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The carpet appeals to me because of its utilitarian nature and beauty in many cultures that are tribal or have in relatively recent times integrated into a village or urban dwelling lifestyle. People can have very little, but carpets are part of their life because they make the carpets themselves from the wool or hair of their herd animals. As well as a floor covering, they are used underneath or on top of a sleeping person, as a door, or other form of draping or wrapping.

The richness of the patterned carpet brings something beautiful into the lives of the poorest people.

Bountiful life, dark chasm - carpet image by Melissa Usher
The right hand panel depicts an image of bountiful rural life. A full moon is veiled by wisps of cloud. Chickens roam freely between beds of flowers and vegetables.
The left hand panel depicts the dark chasm, the fearful unknown future.


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